How to stop your period

A lot of women want to know how to stop your period. Often menstrual period may cause some troubles and may cause some problems in your daily activities like sports or travel plans. Many ladies don’t support  period symptoms like headaches, back pain or cramps. Many women get heavy period and want to stop it. Other women want to delay a period to allow them to go somewhere or do something without worrying about inconvenience of getting it.

Many women get tried many methods to stop or delay their menstrual periods after researching methods on the internet or asking friend’s tips. The most women get wrong and bad tips or unreliable tips which aren’t effective and can also be bad for their own health. There are few methods to stop your period and the majority of methods will still only temporarily delay or stop your period.

My period wont stop: Read this!!

1) Some natural ways to stop menstrual period

- Drinking a lot of water or juice can help you to get a light period.
– Eating green beans for example are known to help you slow your menstrual period.
– Eating healthy, making a point to ingest a lot of fruits and vegetables can also help you to get easy period symptoms.
– Mixing a package of gelatin together with mineral water and rapidly ingesting the mixture can stop your period for approximately four hours.
– Drinking two or three teaspoons of vinegar mixed into a glass of mineral water can also help slow your menstrual flow and calm the other symptoms. To get the best effects, take this cure two or three times a day.
– Sucking on a bit of lemon can help you to temporarily stop your period.
– does your period stop in water: Taking a shower or bath can also help temporarily delay or stop your menstrual period.

2) Utilize Menstrual  Flexible Cups

You can use Menstrual  Flexible Cups that is worn internally, in the natural space under the cervix and behind the pubic bone where it conforms to your body that help in collecting menstrual flow. Menstrual  cups doesn’t stop your period however it inhibits blood from flowing by the vagina, such as a tampon, but the difference between a menstrual cup and a tampon is that the tampon is responsible for absorbing the menstrual flow and the menstrual cup only collects it. You can use it for about 10 hours. Remember that menstrual cups doesn’t prevent pregnancy.

How to Stop Your Period When You Have It

3) Taking Medications

NSAIDs such as ibuprofen, are analgesic (painkillers) that can also be advised for stopping your period. It help reduce cramps during menstruation. You can take them 2-3 times per day before your menstrual period and keep on using them until your menstrual period stops.

GnRH–A can certainly minimize menstrual bleeding. However, they must only be taken temporary because they may be expensive and may make severe side effects (osteoporosis  or weak bones).

4) Use birth control pills to stop period

The best method to stop your period is to take contraceptives or birth control. Before you take you should see your gynecologist or local doctor who will give you advice on which type will ideal suit your requirements. Your doctor will describe what to be expecting, what dosage to take, and also any risks involved.

Birth control pills inhibit fertilization and ovulation. They can be in a patch form, injectable or oral. The best way to stop periods is to use oral contraceptives in pill form. These pills must be taken one cycle before the period that you do not want to have. When consumed on a regular basis as directed, you will stop getting periods. Once you stop taking pills, your menstrual periods will go back.

5) Surgery

Your gynecologist may recommend Surgical procedure to stop your period. This can occur in case you have some medical conditions that involves heavy menstrual bleeding like endometriosis or uterine fibroids. Your gynecologist may propose a hysterectomy (surgical removal of the womb). This will totally stop your period, but will be performed when the other surgical treatments aren’t successful. The other surgical methods include:

- Myomectomy, refers to the surgical removal of uterine leiomyoma (fibroids).

- Uterine artery embolization (UAE),

- Endometrial ablation,

There are other methods for you to get stopping your period, but they may not be very reliable or effective. So consult a gynecologist to give you the best method to delay or stop your menstrual period.

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117 thoughts on “How to stop your period

    • gelatin can help you to stop your period for a few hours. Buy gelantin from the grocery store and mix a package with water. Drink it fast and in about three hours your period will stop.

    • No, if you are obsessive with exercising (for example, gymnasts and very avid workout buff) you can develop amenorrhea.

      To maintain menstruation, women need a certain amount of calories, protein and body fat. In addition, factors such as stress, Weight loss, intense training, a history of irregular periods and late menarche (a woman’s first period) may make a woman more prone to the cessation of menstruation.

      Amenorrhea is a warning from your body that there is too much energy drain. The body stops menstruating al-most as a protective factor to guard against pregnancy during a time of physiological stress.

      Women active in all types of sports – from aerobics to Weight lifting, soccer to swimming – have been found to have a higher prevalence of amenorrhea than non athletes. And is not a sign of peak physical conditioning; it’s actually an indication of a system edging toward collapse. It has been associated with higher injury rates and lower bone density in female athletes.

      • Hey I have already started my period and was wondering if there was anything I could use to stop it as I have been surprised with a last minute romantic getaway? Is there tablets or anything I could get from my doctor? Please help?

  1. Hi, I never want to get my period again. Have no use for it. Never having kids, etc. Just wondering, though, if I were to go for any of the surgeries, would they cause hormonal problems? Perhaps weight gain, etc?

    • Hi,If you want to stop your period by “endometrial ablation” there was a 50-70% chance of me not having a period at all. Read more here:

      • I had that… it did NOT stop mine (obviously) as I’m searching for answers too. It did lessen it for awhile but caused horrid cramps. Now it’s getting heavy again. Ugh!

    • I had the ablation and my period sneaks up on me. I have no cramps and its very light in which I only use pantyliners. But im going to try this gelatin thing and i will get back to yall.

    • A hysterectomy is the only surgery that I know of that will stop periods… But it’s not an elective surgery.

  2. Do these techniques only work for normal periods or might they work for heavy bleeding from endometriosis or uterine fibroids, as well?

  3. If your BMI is less than 17/18 you will stop getting periods. You can usually gain weight and get them back if you want to have them later. I know from experience as my periods stopped when I lost weight. You can also take contraceptive pills, but do not take the sugar ones, keep taking the normal ones every day which will stop your period coming. It is a lot healthier and better for you to not have periods at all.

    • Having a period is your body’s way of cleaning itself out of all the excess build up of blood and endometrial tissue. If your body holds all of that in you could develop something called Endometrial Hyperplasia and if not treated it can eventually become cancerous. So, saying having a period is not healthy for you is not correct. If you are having heavy periods or bleeding between periods and it is not stopping you need to seek professional help. If you do not want to see a gynecologist for whatever reason try seeing a Naturopath.

      • I went to two OBGYNs this past week. One was a man and one was a woman and they both told me that you do not have to have a period at all if I didnt want one. That it is perfectly health and it is not necessary for my body to have a period. Periods are for making babies. You dont see women who quit having their periods after menopause dying from cancer so that doesnt really make sense to me. So I asked Dr’s and that is what they told me.

        • Hi

          Actually period or no period you can still get pregnant, i rarely have periods and by that i mean once or twice a year if im lucky and i still got pregnant, although if your periods or irregular they do often say it could be polysistic ovaries which only means much harder to get pregnant. Periods are a natural thing for ladies, it cleanses your bodies and what you need to remember is the more you mess about with your body the more health problems you will face. Be glad your body is functioning properly as unlike me due to not having regular periods of have serious weight issues, hair problems, pains in ovaries etc. Be grateful ladies its only a week or bit more a month not exactly 365 days a year.

          • If your body is producing eggs and creating a lining to catch those eggs then you DO need to be having a period. If it is not shed regularly then you have an increased chance for developing cancer.

            Chances are you got pregnant when you were going to have a period and that all of the months that you don’t have a period, you aren’t ovulating and therefore wouldn’t have a lining to shed.

        • when women go into menopause they aren’t making the lining anymore so they don’t need to get rid of it. and some birth control methods like the shot, lessen how much lining you make but if your still making the lining you can’t put it off forever by taking birth control incorrectly and be OK

      • The removal of the uterin lining only happens when you have so much toxic build up that it sees this as a way of cleansing. If you eat clean, whole, raw foods without many ingredients, the lining will actually re-absorb itself. The body will never use more energy than it needs to, to remove waste. Yet, we have many chemicals in out foods, water, hygeine products,cleaning products, wash owder, plus the pollution in our air, our poor bodies do what they must. Think about indigenous women, do they walk around dripping everwhere? No! Most times they don’t even realize it came because it was barely even a drop. Just because menstration is “normal” doesn’t mean it’s healthy. Our lifestyles by nature are not healthy. Seems like we are in self-destruct mode…

        • I completely agree!

          Your comment inspired me to write an article on the subject, periods are a form of detox which we can support and therefore reduce our periods, and the symptoms.


    • My BMI is 16, I get extremely heavy periods. For the first 3-4 days I wear 2 tampons and a pad. I can soak through my clothes in 2.5 hours. The “12 hour” cup helps for about 4 hours. If you are anorexic you can stop getting your periods but I’m currently nursing so I am eating plenty just have a low BMI. It’s the amount of calories that you eat.

  4. I think I am about to start my period and I’m going to the pool tommarow soo I was wondering if I could suck on a lemon ????? And will I still be on my period if I suck on a lemon..????….

  5. hi im 28 old I have period now 12 day I want stop but
    its can be from yesterday I useing lemon qith water but its not use can u help me any easy tips in home

  6. I started running and hitting the exercise hard and my period is now only 2-3 days. At first I spotted afterwards and then skipped a few periods altogether. People who are really athletic have decreased/no periods.

    • Not necessarily. I’m extremely athletic but I still have my period for about 6 days. I also eat pretty healthy and am one of the most fit people in my school. Some of my friends skip months or only have 2-3 day periods and they’re heavier and not nearly as athletic as I am.

  7. My boyfriend is coming tomorrow and my period decided to come today. What can I do to make it go away or stop, at least for the weekend. Thx

    • I don’t know but my period decided to come today and I am suppose to go away with my boyfriend for our first weekend together, I read to take 2 birth control pills the same day and hours later another one. I will try tomorrow, but if you hear of anything please let me know too. Thx

  8. I am on Estradiol and I started sitting today and I have cramps like I’m going to have my period. I thought this was suppose to stop it. Will the gelatin work for me

  9. Hi I have a Genetic Disease that i have to take something to reduce the amount of white blood cells i have. I think because of this I have not been clotting very well and has been causing me to bleed a lot a lot and get dizzy even get sick to my stomach or feel like tunnel vision. If I use the gelatin why does it work?

    • Hi, Because You have a Genetic Disease You should see your doctor to know if there is any relation between your Genetic Disease and your period problem.

  10. Ok so from what I’ve read it can be any gelatin like jello mixed with any kind of water even bottled water from the fridge and it works? ….. I’m so very curious to know more about all of it including if you were to try the ibuprofen and gelatin at the same time would the effects last longer in not stopping your period but delaying it at least. I also read some where that you can use a white vinegar/water combination douche and that it has pretty much the same cleaning effects for your body but also helps delay/stop it for a day or two. Has any one tried that?

    • I tried all three of those and it actually worked! Expect I drank a lot of gelatin, like 3 or 4 cups!

  11. Water better slow it down becuase im trying to end it fotr the month its be 7 days and i want it to be over

  12. I need my period to stop by tomorrow because on Monday I go to school and we have to do SWIMMING plz someone help me

  13. Hey my girlfriend feels like her period might start today or tomorrow and she is coming to see me for the first time in a month. What is the best method?

  14. I’ve been taking Bragg’s APPLE CIDER VINEGAR 2tsps Twice a day since early September and until today, Oct. 10, 2013, my 36th day, I still haven’t got my period and I never had sex since I got my last period (Sept 5, 2013). ACV was the only change in my diet so how do I resume my period?

  15. I’m going out on a boat tomorrow wearing white shorts and I can feel my periods coming on now and I want to know if I sucked on lemon would they go away?

  16. Hi I’m 17 years old and when I have my period, the cramps are terrible. What is the best way to stop my period FOREVER? By the way I suffer from depression and the last thing I need is pain and suffering with my period. HELP PLZZZZ:)

  17. Am taking birth control today any time can get period i want to stop it husband is coming tommrw plz help me how can i n tommrw

  18. i want to stop my mensturation period for i having it for 7 days and still coming so heavy so please send me some ways to my mensturation period and also after stopping it also must be regular so please help me.

  19. Okay, so I’m on the pill. My friend said that when she was on the pill, her periods stopped completely, when mine hasn’t. She’s now got the implant (the one for periods) and still doesn’t have periods, I was wondering if I got the implant would it work for me? And also I’ve heard of a pill that makes your period happen every three months, is this true?

  20. I m going away tmrw, and i got some spot already… it should come until wed…
    please advice waht can i do to stop my period for few days… plssss

  21. Sorry but the birth control pills that was given to my wife did not stop the bleedong actually she started bleeding wayyyyyyy early

  22. I’m in grade 8 so I wanted to know what would be the best idea to get my period to stop.

    Btw I’m have a medium normal flow

  23. Okay whoever said you need your period every month b/c it’s a cleanse is wrong. Women in 3 world countries have been using methods to not have a period for years (lactating females). Any ways I found that myself by accident .. Eating spinach twice day for two weeks before my period starts greatly reduces the bleeding. It might have been a fluke I’m not sure but if you don’t like spinach try another leafy green or vitamin k. That should help. Also if you are on birth control and need to by pass you ‘fake period’ skip you placebo pill and start on the new pack. And the continue the pack as usual. You can even do this so that you only have 4 ‘fake periods’ a year.

  24. I need to stop my period… If i use the lemon method when does my period come back? this month or until next month? is this ok to do it without messing with your health?

  25. I just need mine to end for tomorrow, then it can flow its way through whenever. I just really need mine to stop for all of tomorrow, so what do i do?
    Im 16 and athletic and i have a meet tomorrow, that working out comment isnt true at all btw.

  26. im a teanager and i don’t like have my period it makes me so mean to people and stink so wat should i do? i want to stop it because it harts so much

  27. So does the lemon thing really work? I am on birthcontrol and I’ve been on my period on and off for over two weeks, if I suck on a lemon and drinks apple cider vinegar will I end my period?? Please help me I’m suffering from being a women. :(

  28. Hi,
    What should I do I have had my period for about 5 days now and its been really heavy. I hate it and I have a huge test in a couple days . I am also getting very bad cramps. Anybody have any advise?

  29. i’m almost twelve and i hv had my period 4 about half a year. and it’s not long, 2-4 days and it happens about every 22 days or so. but it’s just really really annoying and uncomfortable, and i luv water polo and sailing, and i sometimes hv competition and stuff and i always worry about it and stuff and that it’s gonna clash and stuff. so i wanna ask if those methods really really work?

  30. To pause a period, sprinkle a bit of salt into coffee (yeah, gross, but it works). You don’t need to drink like a whole cup or something, just a gulp/sip or two. To “unpause” it, eat a bunch of “cool”/refreshing foods – watermelon, cucumber, etc.

  31. hey..i’m suffering from menorrhagia….i wanted to ask tht will it stop on its own??? or please tell me some natural remedies for it…pleaseee help me :( thnxs

  32. DRINK TEA! Drinking a Parsley tea can speed up your cycle, drink anywhere from 2-5 cups a day. Start by boiling water, after the water is at a boil let it set for a minute and add 2-3 TBS. of parsley. Let stand for 6 minutes, drain out the parsley and drink! Adding lemon is combing another remedy to this one, therefor, speeding up your period even more. Don’t drink if you are pregnant it can possibly lead to a miscarriage and is very dangerous. Hope this helped:)

  33. So how long does I take the lemon to take effect and how long does it work? And how long does it take the gelatin and water to take effect. Please help. I’m supposed to go to the river and it came early. :(

  34. Hi I have the iud bird control I got my period and one week after I started bleeding again is this normal ? And I how can I stop it ? By the way is the ten year one …

  35. hi i want to know which is the most effective and quickest method to temporarily stop my periods and am wondering how long it takes for periods to remain temporarily stopped after taking lemon and/or apple cider vineger coz my bf is havin a farewell party 2morro and its a pool party.. and i want to have a worry free time with him and feel comfortably free.. PLEASE HELP!

  36. Hey guys im 14 yrs old and I started my period yesturday but im going canoeing and swimming tomorrow and the next day im going to kings island all day so I need help!!!!! Does anyone know something I can eat or drink bc I dont take birth control or anything like that

  37. I’ve had my period for over a month for the pass 2 weeks it got a little heavier. I’m anemic and I start work on AC soon I can’t have both being cold and on my period at the same time so im gonna try the lemon and vinegar. Hopefully it works for me

  38. I’ve been having heavy period for a little over 2 yrs. now, and it comes early every 20-23 days instead of 28 days. I’m very anemic and cold all the time and very depressed. I have also been drinking Luke warm water with lemon and ginger tea to help my constant blotting/stomach glowing. It has been 26 days now and counting, my period still haven’t started yet. I plan to keep drinking this concoction, and hold it off for as long as I want. Recipe: 2 slices ginger quarter size each or a little bit bigger, 1/2 medium size lemon, 16oz of Luke warm water. Scrub and wash lemon, cut into 2 equal parts at the center and remove seeds. Squeeze 1/2 lemon into flask or container and drop the half lemon in, add 2 slices of peeled ginger. Add 4oz of hot boiling water to the lemon and ginger. Let it sit for 5 mins. Add 12oz of water and stir or shake. I drink this all day and night from my flask. Occasionally water or juice in b/w if I have taste for something else to drink.

  39. hi i wanna know if you go back to your normal periods if the last time you used a lemon to stop it plz help…….

  40. I tried the Apple cider vinegar (2 tablespoons) how long does it take for the effect to happen??
    #help PPP please

  41. Hey guys,
    So on Monday i started spotting and on wednesday i got a full on period. Its now thursday and I really want my period to end by noon tomorrow(fri.) I am currently taking Microgestin, birth control, and only have one real pill left before i start my sugar pill.
    I am using a heating pad, drinking water & water with lemon juice and I’m taking ibuprofen(800mg)….however I don’t think my period is stopping.

    I need some advice ASAP!

  42. hy all I hve my periods for 10 days now and I want them stop I don’t want this anymore plz help me what shall I use to stop this

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