How to stop your period from coming

You’re asking tips on how to stop your period, usually known as menstrual period. There are some diverse methods you can do to stop your menstrual period when you have it, so I go into many details about some of these methods concerning how to delay your period when you have it.

The first Method is somewhat clear. when a lady becomes pregnant usually her menstrual period will stop. the menstrual cycle will change and there’ll be no period or bleeding for a minimum of 9 months. While a lady is pregnant hormone quantities change and do various things. one of them is stopping her menstrual period. When the pregnancy is over and the hormone levels begin to even out, the body of the woman will begin to go back to normal, and woman’s period  will once return. So from reading what we have talked about pregnancy and also how pregnancy will be able to stop a women menstrual period, it’s also obviously obvious, that the ability to stop your menstrual period this way, is just a temporary stoppage from getting your  menstrual cycle or period.

One more option I will get into detail about is to have a hysterectomy (an operation to remove your womb). Now it is a difficult step to take in women life, if you decide to take this measure to stop your menstrual period you must think for long time about it, and maybe even talk about this with other member of the family. Because this is a surgical procedure, it’s important talk about this in detail with your gynecologist or local doctor. However, this surgical  procedure will stop your menstrual period completely.

How to Stop Your Period

Finally I am going explain somewhat regarding how to stop your period for a specified time applying another way. This way is frequently used by women in military. Because once they go out on a mission or for basic training, they don’t have any moment to be stressing about specific things like a period cycle or tampons and sanitary pads. In situations like this, a lady can and often than not be given a medication from an Armed Forces or local doctor. I have just used the women situation in military to give an example only. There are other instances wherever this medical prescription can also be given to stop your menstrual period. This medication can be purchased, but not without a prescription. this medical prescription is for short-term use to stop your menstrual period.

I have tell you some  examples on how to stop menstrual cycle. If you want to know more regarding how to delay your period, I suggest that you to talk to a gynecologist in your location.

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31 thoughts on “How to stop your period from coming

  1. How long did you have to suck on the lemon? And also how kind did it take to kick in?
    If you could reply back to me by the 14th that would be great. Thanks :)

    • lemon juice helps to cut your period short , if u drink it a couple of days before it will stay away for 2 to 3 days, but please do not do this regularly to stop your period, because it could be bad for you.

      • Well I only need to stop it for one day. I had planed a pool party and then later got my period and it’s on that day. I can’t cancel it because everyone is already coming.

    • Well I didn’t really use the lemon trick. I just asked my mom if it would be alright if I used a tampon for that day and she was fine with it. But I would say suck 2hours in advanced.

  2. I’m 14 and I need to stop it,I just came home from the beach and I have something tomorow tthat I can’t cancel.I don’t have any tampons or lemons or whatever,what do I do?Please answer asap :/

  3. I need to know how much lemon to suck on and how long before I go to TJ (Tijuana) with my friends tomorrow and there will be a water park so I do need to stop my period! Please respond ASAP :D

  4. If you drink lord of water it will lighten up the bleeding it works vaudeville tride it jut if you have anything else something easy please tell me buy today cause tomorrow I’m busy and I want to stop my period for a week in half so please something thatbit isneasy and it will work please tell me

  5. I’m sophie I’m 10 and I have camp on the 30th of June. My period Is due then and I’m not aloud tampons. This school camp is for 3 days and my period is for a longer dissent of time
    Answer ASAP
    That would be great
    Sophie :)

  6. Hi im 14 ind im gonna have my period soon and i have to ride horses , run with babby goats, and help a blind goat and with my period i cant really run with the babby goats and ride horses. HELP PLEASE :)
    and i really want my period stop for a whioll

  7. I just got my period today and I plan on doing something Sunday for a couple hours. When should I use the lemnons? And how many?

  8. I just need mine to stop for tomorrow and it can flow its way through july for all i care. I dont have lemons or jello so what do i do.

  9. Well my period has been going on for twooo wholee weeks I’m stressed already I’ve tried lemon didn’t seem to work so what do I do now I need to stop my period ughh wat can I doooooo

  10. Hi I was wondering how I could stop my period for at least tonight because I have a bonfire to go to with swimming involved. If you could email me asap that would be great. I tried water with vinegar and ibueprofen.

  11. Renewing vows on 6/13/14 and I really need to know how to stop my period from coming. It’s due any minute and I need to stop it for 2 days. Please help!!!!!!!!!!

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